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Constitutional Court Judges Elected

Poland, 06 Nov - 03 Dec 2015

Changes in Parliament ++ Terror in Paris tightened Polish debate ++ Scandal to a play. by Lukas Plewnia

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A Long Road Ahead and Only Limited Time – New Romanian Government Takes Office

Romania, 08 Nov - 05 Dec 2015

A new government for the New Year ++ The priorities of the new government ++ National Day festivities ++ Romanian Hungarian nationalist plans bomb attack. by Doris Manu

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Threat of Terror and Storms keeps Sweden on the Edge

Sweden, 10 Nov - 07 Dec 2015

„Helga“ and „Gorm“ spread chaos ++ Wave of migrants forces new measures ++ Threat of terror attack is now higher according to the Security Service. by Jens Ummethum

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Possible Ban of Donald Trump, Fracking and Airstrikes against IS split the Britons

UK, 21 Nov - 25 Dec 2015

Will US presidential contender Donald Trump be banned from UK? ++ Fracking debate reveals further fragmentations within the UK ++ Royal Air Force joins anti-IS coalition in Syria. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck

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Medical Brain Drain and the Urgent Need to Reform the Hungarian Healthcare System

Hungary, 22 Nov - 19 Dec 2015

Will countrywide databases make Healthcare secure? ++ War on women's role fought with pregnancy tests and cancelled contracts ++ “Every terrorist is a migrant” – PM's claim undermined by raids on Hungarians. by Balázs Márton, Silvia Petzoldt

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Swedes Discuss Outcome of UN World Climate Conference and Border Controls

Sweden, 08 Dec - 04 Jan 2016

Sweden satisfied with outcome of UN World Climate Conference ++ Increased road accidents due to black ice ++ Border controls introduced in Sweden. by Sarah Onkels

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French Regional Elections: Front National Loses To Moderates

FRANCE - ELECTIONS - France - 13 Dec 2015

Front National: From Cloud Nine to Rock Bottom in Regional Elections ++ Territorial Reform strengthens Regions by Constance-Elia Cochet

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Sweden Swaying Between Neutrality & Nato: Security Pressures & New Controversies

Sweden - Analysis - Sweden - 19 Dec 2015

An analysis about the newest debate on the relationship between Sweden and the North Atlantic Alliance. by Maciej Wilga

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Floods and Strikes hit the UK while Labour party boss Corbyn reshuffles shadow cabinet

UK, 24 Dec - 21 Jan 2016

Flooding provokes debate on North/South divide ++ Government quarrel with junior doctors over work conditions ++ The Corbyn reshuffle: A show of strength or a night of blunt knives? by Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck

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Joyeux Noël! – Christmas Celebrations in France

Christmas Special - France - 24 Dec 2015

How the French celebrate the winter holidays. by Catherine Grünewald

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Весела Коледа! Tchestita Koleda! - Christmas Celebrations in Bulgaria

Christmas Special - Bulgaria - 24 Dec 2015

How Bulgaria celebrates the winter holidays. by Alice Greschkow

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Vrolijk Kerstfeest! Christmas Celebrations in the Netherlands

Christmas Special - Netherlands - 24 Dec 2015

How the Dutch celebrate the winter holidays. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Wesołych Świąt! - Christmas Celebrations in Poland

Christmas Special - Poland - 24 Dec 2015

How Poland celebrates the winter holidays. by Markus Bingel

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God Jul! - Christmas Traditions & Celebrations in Sweden

Christmas Special - Sweden - 24 Dec 2015

How the Swedes celebrate the winter holidays. by Sarah Onkels

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A Very British Christmas: Tradition vs. Money Makers

Christmas Special - UK - 24 Dec 2015

Ever wondered what it’s like to celebrate the best time of the year in the UK? With #ChristmasPudding on #Boxingday? Then read Bethany Purrington's compelling special report on traditionalism and commercialism in X-Mas in the UK. by Bethany Purrington

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National State of Emergency and Dual Nationality Discussion Divide the French

France, 30 Dec - 27 Jan 2016

Deprivation of dual nationality for terrorists divides French politicians ++ Government considers new extension of National State of Emergency ++ Clinical trial accident: One person dies during drug tests. by Ina Berger

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