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European Refugee Crisis Leads to Change in Dutch Asylum Policy

Netherlands, 16 Jul - 08 Sep 2015

European refugee crisis leads to change in Dutch asylum policy ++ Moment of glory and darkest hour for Dutch sport ++ Notorious lawyer has high ambitions for his political party. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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No Summer’s Tale – Germany Coping with Violence against Refugees

Germany, 05 Aug - 01 Sep 2015

Refugees welcome!? The start of a German debate on refugee policy ++ Kidnapping with lethal consequence – shocking murder of a seventeen year old girl. by Sandra Czech

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Refugees Debate in Spain: From Hotspot to Side Stage

Spain, 07 Aug - 04 Sep 2015

Refugees Debate in Spain ++ World Politics meet Spanish reggae festival ++ A successful holiday’s season for the tourism sector. by José M. Martin-Flores, Marco Just Quiles

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Civil Courage Triumphs at Train Shootings

France, 11 Aug - 07 Sep 2015

Gunman opens fire in international high-speed train ++ Challenges of immigration in Europe ++ Farmer’s protests ++ New right wing movement created. by Katinka Koke

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What If They Gave a Referendum and Nobody Came?

Poland, 14 Aug - 10 Sep 2015

Long-awaited referendum surprises with low voter turnout ++ Help for loans in Swiss francs ++ The Rainbow installation dismantled. by Lukas Plewnia

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A Game of Life and Numbers: About Refugee Quotas, Corruption and Education Reforms

Romania, 16 Aug - 12 Sep 2015

“One thousand seven hundred refugees is all we take”: President Iohannis dismisses mandatory quotas ++ Twenty five thousand euros and a quasi-flagrant: Bucharest general mayor arrested for corruption ++ Four days before school: Too late for an education reform?! by Lavinia Manea

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Refugees Welcome! Sweden, a popular Destination

Sweden, 18 Aug - 14 Sep 2015

Sweden experiences high influx of refugees ++ Stock market crash in China spills over to Sweden ++ Infamous criminal attacked. by Jens Ummethum

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House of Commons rejects Assisted Dying Bill, A New Leader for Labour

UK, 21 Aug - 23 Sep 2015

House of commons says ‘no’ to assisted dying ++ Jeremy Corbyn elected as Labour party leader. by Bethany Purrington, Callum Pierce

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Riots After Riots – Football Vandalism and Migration Crisis On Peek

Hungary, 30 Aug - 26 Sep 2015

Football match ends in vandalism ++ International outcry after TV camerawoman allegedly kicks refugees – story with unexpected turns to be continued ++ Riots at the Serbian border while construction of “The Fence” continues. by Dóra Anna Boruzs

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French Politics Struggle to Combine Optimism and Pragmatism

France, 08 Sep - 05 Oct 2015

Can France be optimistic about its budget for 2016? ++ Is the French civil service statute “no longer justifiable”? ++ Comeback time for Nicolas Sarkozy – still. by Constance-Elia Cochet

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Paintings, Photos and a lot of Money

Netherlands, 09 Sep - 06 Oct 2015

Rembrandt portraits cast shadow on relationship with France ++ Volkert van der G. – a murderer tries to sell his story ++ Dutch rail network ProRail in severe financial distress. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Refugees, Schools – Government facing Challenges before the Elections

Poland, 11 Sep - 08 Oct 2015

Refugees: Small solution for a big problem ++ Will Polish schools become secular? ++ Wolfsburg 1 : 5 Lewandowski. by Monika Kostecka

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Volkswagen 'Dieselgate' Provokes Earthquake While PM Ponta Survives Censure Motion

Romania, 13 Sep - 10 Oct 2015

VW emissions scandal – a silent earthquake for common Romanians ++ Liberals' censure motion rejected – PM Ponta “I won’t leave office” ++ The new academic year starts – another game of chess between numbers and performance. by Flavian-Catalin Pah

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Sweden Loses Famous Writer & Welcomes Nobel Prize Winner

Sweden, 15 Sep - 12 Oct 2015

Swedish writer Henning Mankell passes away ++ Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Sweden ++ Situation of Moroccan street children stays an issue. by Sarah Onkels

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Long Live the Queen – Elizabeth II is UK’s New Longest Reigning Monarch

UK - Special - UK - 15 Sep 2015

The Monarchy: It is as British as Teatime and baked beans for breakfast. It is a source of national identity for many in Her Majesty`s realm. Many kings and queens have ruled the United Kingdom since 1066 AD, when William the Conqueror landed on the shores of England. But Elisabeth II has not only left her mark on society. She is also Britain`s longest ruling monarch. by Alex Braley

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Uber App Now Legally Classed as a ‘Taximeter’

UK, 24 Sep - 20 Oct 2015

Uber app ruled legal in the UK by the high court ++ Merit vs. Equality? Grammar school sparks debate. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington

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