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Immigration Is Still The Hot Potato in Hungary

Hungary, 05 Jul - 01 Aug 2015

Full steam ahead for anti-immigration measures ++ Orbán: the EU is a “remarkable success as it is” ++ Will Budapest host the 2024 Olympic Games? ++ Uber vs. taxi drivers: Hungary edition. by Balázs Márton

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Popular Satire Show Banned from Free-to-Air TV

France, 14 Jul - 10 Aug 2015

TV show ‘Les Guignols’: Are the buffoons being muzzled? ++ Hollande’s ideas for France and Europe flouted by opposition ++ Cattle breeders protest against low meat prices by Matthieu Choblet

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Change of Polish Head of State, Death of Poland’s Richest Man

Poland, 17 Jul - 13 Aug 2015

Polands new president Andrzej Duda sworn ++ Legislation of in vitro fertilisation ++ Registered partnerships rejected by Parliament ++ Poland`s richest man Jan Kulczyk dies. by Dorota Redzikowska

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Fighting Crime and Corruption in Romania: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Romania, 19 Jul - 15 Aug 2015

The Romanian Nuremberg trial ++ The 101st dalmation ++ How much is a life worth? Corruption in the public health system. by Eva Chitul

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Hundreds of Thousands of Swedes celebrate Stockholm Pride Parade

Sweden, 21 Jul - 17 Aug 2015

Stockholm Pride sets new record ++ City of Malmö struggling with violence ++ Sweden’s swimmers deliver at the World Championships. by Jens Ummethum

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Internal Security Challenges – Bulgaria Deals with Terror Suspects & Economic Risks

Bulgaria, 22 Jul - 18 Aug 2015

Bulgarian authorities searching for terror suspects ++ Economic tensions expected in spite of GDP growth ++ UN report: Bulgarian population to shrink most rapidly. by Alice Greschkow

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Brits Concerned with Calais Refugee Crisis and Sudden Charity Shutdown

UK, 24 Jul - 20 Aug 2015

Calais Refugee Crisis: Government Under Fire While Immigrants Keep Coming ++ Sudden Charity Shut-down: Kids Company closes its doors. by Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck

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An Eventful Summer: Immigration, Sziget Festival, Freak Weather and Gold Medals

Hungary, 02 Aug - 29 Aug 2015

Hungarian government divides the public on immigration ++ 23rd Sziget Festival – fun, records and a tragedy ++ Budapest hit by enormous flash flood ++ Ten medals and a world record – Hungarian swimmers successful at world championship. by Dóra Anna Boruzs, Janina Rottmann, Robert Talo

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No Summer’s Tale – Germany Coping with Violence against Refugees

Germany, 05 Aug - 01 Sep 2015

Refugees welcome!? The start of a German debate on refugee policy ++ Kidnapping with lethal consequence – shocking murder of a seventeen year old girl. by Sandra Czech

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Refugees Debate in Spain: From Hotspot to Side Stage

Spain, 07 Aug - 04 Sep 2015

Refugees Debate in Spain ++ World Politics meet Spanish reggae festival ++ A successful holiday’s season for the tourism sector. by José M. Martin-Flores, Marco Just Quiles

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Civil Courage Triumphs at Train Shootings

France, 11 Aug - 07 Sep 2015

Gunman opens fire in international high-speed train ++ Challenges of immigration in Europe ++ Farmer’s protests ++ New right wing movement created. by Katinka Koke

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What If They Gave a Referendum and Nobody Came?

Poland, 14 Aug - 10 Sep 2015

Long-awaited referendum surprises with low voter turnout ++ Help for loans in Swiss francs ++ The Rainbow installation dismantled. by Lukas Plewnia

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A Game of Life and Numbers: About Refugee Quotas, Corruption and Education Reforms

Romania, 16 Aug - 12 Sep 2015

“One thousand seven hundred refugees is all we take”: President Iohannis dismisses mandatory quotas ++ Twenty five thousand euros and a quasi-flagrant: Bucharest general mayor arrested for corruption ++ Four days before school: Too late for an education reform?! by Lavinia Manea

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Refugees Welcome! Sweden, a popular Destination

Sweden, 18 Aug - 14 Sep 2015

Sweden experiences high influx of refugees ++ Stock market crash in China spills over to Sweden ++ Infamous criminal attacked. by Jens Ummethum

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House of Commons rejects Assisted Dying Bill, A New Leader for Labour

UK, 21 Aug - 23 Sep 2015

House of commons says ‘no’ to assisted dying ++ Jeremy Corbyn elected as Labour party leader. by Bethany Purrington, Callum Pierce

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Riots After Riots – Football Vandalism and Migration Crisis On Peek

Hungary, 30 Aug - 26 Sep 2015

Football match ends in vandalism ++ International outcry after TV camerawoman allegedly kicks refugees – story with unexpected turns to be continued ++ Riots at the Serbian border while construction of “The Fence” continues. by Dóra Anna Boruzs

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