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Ironic Timing: Holocaust Movie Wins Award While Politicians Court Right-Wing Voters

Hungary, 10 May - 06 Jun 2015

Radical words: Jobbik’s success in polls raises far-right tendencies in PM Orbán’s policies ++ Death penalty and immigration: Hungary under increased international scrutiny ++ At the right time: Hungarian filmmaker moves Cannes with intense Holocaust movie. by Balázs Márton, Janina Rottmann, Robert Talo

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World Leaders Met at G7 Summit in Germany – An Useless Event?

Germany, 13 May - 09 Jun 2015

Expensive and useless? G7 Summit heavily criticised in many respects ++ It’s not a big deal – is it? by Daniel Rätz, Lisa Heinemann

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New Healthcare System: Patients without Care, Caretakers without Money?

Netherlands, 18 May - 17 Jun 2015

Official report criticises flaws in new healthcare law ++ Sexual abuse accusations in a renowned Buddhist temple ++ European asylum policy revisited. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Education Reform: How France Wants to Abolish Bilingualism

France, 19 May - 15 Jun 2015

French protesting against Education Reform ++ Strauss-Kahn released following the Carlton affair trial ++ French border closed for immigrants ++ French Resistance heroes buried in Panthéon. by Katinka Koke

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Heads Will Roll – Government with New Faces, But Same Old Problems?

Poland, 22 May - 18 Jun 2015

Prime Minister replaces several ministers ++ New health minister already on fire from all sides ++ PM Kopacz one of the most influential women. by Lukas Plewnia

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Romanian PM Ponta Charged With Forgery, Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

Romania, 24 May - 20 Jun 2015

Corruption allegations hit the Romanian government ++ Prince Charles sets up foundation to save Romania’s rural heritage ++ How would a possible “Grexit” influence Romania? by Flavian-Catalin Pah

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Time to Celebrate! Summer Solstice, a Wedding and a Baby

Sweden, 26 May - 22 Jun 2015

Midsummer celebrations ++ Sweden’s royal wedding ++ Swedish government perspective on the Danish elections. by Maciej Wilga

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Football “Suit-Gate” Causes Laughter, Bank of Portugal and TAP Sale Mired in Controversy

Portugal, 27 May - 23 Jun 2015

Suit up for football games or get fired ++ Controversial Governor of Bank of Portugal set to begin new 5-year term ++ Airline TAP privatised. by Pedro Costa

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Thousands March Against Austerity & Bemoan the Death of a Legend

UK, 01 Jun - 30 Jun 2015

Thousands march peacefully against government austerity plans ++ The Loss of a Legend: Sir Christopher Lee dies. by Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck

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The bumpy Road to Expo 2015

Special Feature - Italy - 02 Jun 2015

Expo 2015: Political scandals, high expectations and ambitious plans for the Earth's future. by Silvia Favasuli

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Bipolar Month for Diversity and Acceptance in Hungary

Hungary, 07 Jun - 04 Jul 2015

The question of immigration dominates the public debates ++ Joke political party strikes back and mocks the government ++ Rainbow colours above Budapest. by Bálint Sedlmayr, Dóra Anna Boruzs, Nóra Szabó

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No-Vote in Greece, No Information on Espionage, No Cup for Women, No “TV total”

Germany, 10 Jun - 07 Jul 2015

Confused and annoyed – the German perception of the Greek referendum ++ Hackers attack the German parliament – No information ++ NSA-Scandal – No information ++ Women’s World cup – No cup for Germany ++ The surprising and premature end of a great TV-career. by Eike Hortsch

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A Safe Way Back Home? – France Takes Measures to Protect Women

France, 16 Jun - 13 Jul 2015

French government establishes measures against sexual harassment on public transport ++ Déjà-vu: French taxi drivers on strike against private competition once more ++ Greek debt crisis: French government aims to keep Greece inside the Eurozone. by Ina Berger

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Dutch History is Written in Srebrenica, Brussels & Utrecht

Netherlands, 18 Jun - 15 Jul 2015

A sunny start to the Tour de France – 250km north of France ++ After a Greek ‘Oxi’ a ‘Yes’ from the negotiation table in Brussels ++ 20 years on – Srebrenica still a dark memory for the Dutch. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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IVF – Treatment of Infertility Divides Polish Society

Poland, 19 Jun - 16 Jul 2015

Dispute on new law legalising in vitro fertilisation ++ More than 350 Poles poisoned by designer drugs ++ Election battle officially started. by Monika Kostecka

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Either You Go, or I Stay: President and PM Clash over Morality Issues and Policy-Making

Romania, 21 Jun - 18 Jul 2015

Prime minister’s Shakespearean dilemma: to resign or not to resign ++ It shall not pass: President Klaus Iohannis throws out the new Fiscal Code proposal on grounds of viability ++ Out of the crisis and the eurozone: “Romanian’s currency ten years from now, won’t be the euro”. by Lavinia Manea

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Historic Success for Swedish Football

Sweden, 23 Jun - 20 Jul 2015

Swedish Under-21 team wins European Championship ++ Almedalen Week brings out the politicians ++ Sweden faces a higher risk of espionage. by Jens Ummethum

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Fresh but Not Unbound: About the Challenges for Newcomer Alliances

Special Feature - Spain - Spain - 24 Jun 2015

All about the results and possible implications of the recent Municipal Elections 2015 in Spain. by Marco Just Quiles

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