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Burned-out Workers, Fighters and Party Leaders

Sweden, 16 Jan - 02 Feb 2015

Stress causes exhaustion at younger ages ++ Christian Democrats party leader resigns ++ Swedish official statistics risk becoming misleading ++ Swedish UFC fans disappointed by Mauler fight. by Camilla Buch

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Charlie Hebdo, Merkel, “Media War” – Prime Minister Orbán Provokes on all Fronts

Hungary, 18 Jan - 14 Feb 2015

“Immigration is a bad thing” – Orbán rails against immigrants ++ Power Politics: Angela Merkel visits Budapest ++ Hungarian tycoon turns on his former ally Orbán and predicts “total media war” by Christian-Zsolt Varga, Robert Talo

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In the Epicenter of the Crises: Ethnic Bulgarians in the Ukraine

Bulgaria, 19 Jan - 16 Feb 2015

Bulgarian government pledges support for Bessarabian Bulgarians in the Ukraine ++ ‘Lukov March’ or what they are marching for? ++ ‘A way out of the maze’? The latest EU Commission report on justice and home affairs in Bulgaria reveals. by Raycho Penchev

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New Talks in Minsk, New Faces in Greece – Will It Change Anything?

Germany, 21 Jan - 17 Feb 2015

A new peace initiative and a sleepless chancellor ++ New government, old problem – Greece and the Euro crisis ++ New leaders using old enemy images ++ Former German President Richard von Weizsäcker dies. by Eike Hortsch

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French Government Bulldozes Way for Economic Reforms

France, 26 Jan - 22 Feb 2015

Prime Minister Valls forces Loi Macron through ++ National film Award César celebrated for the 40th time ++ Franco-German peace efforts still in danger. by Sabrina Hambloch

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Poland Wins First Ever Oscar for Best Foreign Film

Poland, 01 Feb - 28 Feb 2015

“Ida” wins Academy Award – and sparks criticism at home ++ Poland on the road to the green energy? ++ Presidential campaign officially started. by Monika Kostecka

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The Biggest Falsification in Hungarian History

Hungary - Documentary - Hungary - 01 Feb 2015

Almost 500,000 Hungarian Jews were deported with the help of the Hungarian police forces during World War II. Since then, Hungarian governments ignore the country’s responsibility for these crimes. The governing national conservative Fidesz party instead creates its own narrative. by Janina Rottmann

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Sweden’s New Foreign and Defence Policy Rows

Sweden, 03 Feb - 02 Mar 2015

Minister Wallström’s Swedish foreign policy ++ Sweden and Finland for closer defence cooperation ++ Swedish Prime Minister on asylum and immigration visit in Berlin. by Maciej Wilga

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New Kids in Town Challenge the Old Party System: Two-Party-Politics in the UK – Gone for Good?

Special Feature on the UK - Part I of III - UK - 03 Feb 2015

The United Kingdom is one of the oldest western democracies. Its “Westminster Model” was a role model for younger democracies everywhere in the world. Two-party-politics have been a defining feature of the system. However, recent developments in The UK have witnessed the upsurge of new political powers, challenging the old party system. The General Elections in May promise to be exciting as never before. by Robin Dyck

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Legislative Milestone: UK First Country to Allow ‘Three-Person IVF’

UK, 06 Feb - 05 Mar 2015

‘Three-Person IVF’ Gets Go Ahead ++ Brits and Baftas: Celebrating the Best of British ++ Six Nations Rugby Championship: Ireland ends England`s winning streak as Scotland struggles ++ Outspoken Prince speaks out on radicalisation of youth. by Bethany Purrington, Callum Pierce, Robin Dyck

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Her Majesty’s Realm: A Cultural Powerhouse Par Excellence

Special Feature on the UK - Part II of III - UK - 12 Feb 2015

The United Kingdom has long been a cultural powerhouse but beside the pomp and pageantry what makes up the bread-and-butter of British culture? by Callum Pierce

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Gas Supply, War in Ukraine, Nuclear Energy - Putin's Long Shadow over Orbán's Policies

Hungary, 15 Feb - 14 Mar 2015

Putin’s visit to Budapest remains low-key ++ Poland astonished by Putin’s visit to Hungary ++ Secretive nuclear deal with Russia runs into trouble with the EU. by Balázs Márton, Bálint Sedlmayr, Robert Talo

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Bulgaria’s Folklore Traditions: Baba Marta and her Martenitsi

Bulgaria, 17 Feb - 16 Mar 2015

Baba Marta and her Martenitsi are back in town ++ The King Simeon will be back in Bulgarian politics? ++ Weather claims victims in Bulgaria ++ Grigor Dimitrov beats Roger Federer in a thrilling tennis game. by Ivan Yanakiev

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Germany and Greece having relationship problems

Germany, 18 Feb - 17 Mar 2015

Tone gets sharper between Berlin and Athens while Varoufakis’ finger is causing agitation ++ Crisis in Ukraine leads to reviewing reform of the Bundeswehr ++ Terrorist threat in Bremen ++ The winner who does not want to win. by Sandra Czech

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Britain and Europe – a mere Partnership of Convenience?

Special Feature on the UK - Part III - UK - 20 Feb 2015

Today’s shape of a united Europe wouldn’t have been possible without influential reflections of some British thinkers. Yet as Britain’s current relationship with its fellow EU member states is as strained as never before, the traditionalists’ ever-present dream of a “life outside the European Union” may become a serious option in the nearest future. by Peter Sawicki

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Local Elections – Will the Far-Right Gain More Influence?

France, 23 Feb - 22 Mar 2015

Departmental elections put political system under stress ++ France granted two more years to comply with European budget rule ++ Tragic helicopter crash leaves ten dead ++ Alleged death of Bouygues’ CEO Martin Bouygues. by Matthieu Choblet

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Italy has got a new President!

Italy - 23 Feb 2015

In search of a President: Renzi's great victory & Berlusconi’s failure ++ Mattarella: a discrete arbiter?
by Marco Calabrò

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