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Ministers’ Rebellion leads to Government Reshuffle

France, 14 Aug - 10 Sep 2014

Government reshuffle in midst of ongoing political trouble ++ President’s ex publishes nasty accusations ++ Freed hostages identify their tormentor. by Matthieu Choblet

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'May I introduce...?' Federica Mogherini – Europe's new diplomatic Figurehead

Italy, 19 Aug - 01 Sep 2014

Italian Mogherini is the new EU 'Foreign Minister' ++ Renzi’s one-thousand-daysplan ++ The competition for the Golden Lion in the city on the lagoon ++ Italian government still kept busy by the fate of two marines. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò

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Turning Aspirations into Realities: Bulgaria’s political & social Landscape

Bulgaria, 20 Aug - 02 Sep 2014

Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria: first preparations and electoral behaviour ++ Bulgaria 54th in 2014-2015 Global Competitiveness Report ++ Green City Sofia ++ Bulgarian football fairy tale. by Ivan Yanakiev

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The Brussels Game: Tusk for European Council, Bienkowska for Commission

Poland, 22 Aug - 04 Sep 2014

Polish Prime Minister Tusk to become the EU council president ++ Post-Tusk Poland in search for a new Prime Minister ++ Poland securing budget and finances portfolio in the Commission. by Maciej Wilga

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Sweden Coming Closer to NATO ahead of the Parliamentary Elections

Sweden, 23 Aug - 05 Sep 2014

New NATO-Sweden agreement ++ Political manifestos for the Swedish parliamentary elections ++ 200 years of peace in Sweden. by Maciej Wilga

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Russia, IS, Car Toll: External Security Challenges and Internal Quarrels

Germany, 26 Aug - 08 Sep 2014

75 years after WWII: Gauck accuses Russia of imperilling stability in Europe ++ Parliament supports military aid against IS ++ Discussion over car toll causes friction among Conservatives ++ Highlights and lowlights for the football national team. by Peter Sawicki

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Europe's Shame - Migrant Tragedy in Mediterranean Sea continues

Italy, 02 Sep - 30 Sep 2014

Migrant boat tragedies: another 700 drowned in Mediterranean++ One Marine back home from Indian prison ++ Italy discussing gay marriage. by Federica Patalano, Silvia Favasuli

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Bulgaria’s Political and Cultural Heritage

Bulgaria, 03 Sep - 16 Sep 2014

Parliamentary elections 2014 – preparations and discussions about vote buying ++ Kristalina Georgieva elected as Vice-President of Juncker’s EC cabinet ++ Plovdiv to be the European capital of culture in 2019. by Alice Greschkow

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New Government, New Weapons, No Gas?

Poland, 05 Sep - 18 Sep 2014

Kopacz follows Tusk – New government in sight ++ Poland & the NATO: The upgrade begins ++ Dependence from Russia: Poland without gas? by Lukas Plewnia

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Election Aftermath: No Majorities in Sight as Sweden searches for a new Government

Sweden, 06 Sep - 19 Sep 2014

Social Democrats face difficult task to form a new government ++ Swedish football back in Champions League after long absence ++ Crisis in Ukraine remains prominent. by Jens Ummethum

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Former President Sarkozy announces Comeback on Facebook

France, 11 Sep - 24 Sep 2014

Sarkozy’s coming back to change the UMP but has he changed ++ A strike, again ++ France, the new big enemy for Islamic extremists ++ Angry farmers set fire to artichokes as a sign of protest. by Anne-Sophie Gerst, Jenny Lindner

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Dutch Seek Active Involvement in Mission Against IS

Netherlands, 13 Sep - 26 Sep 2014

Netherlands joins US-led mission against IS in Iraq ++ Labour Party backtracks on debate Afghan interpreter ++ Dutch electronics giant Philips splits business. by Kirsten Lucas

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Fresh Start? Kopacz Cabinet Presents Ambitious Plans

Poland, 19 Sep - 02 Oct 2014

The new Prime Minister presents government programme ++ Convention against domestic violence still not ratified ++ Poland is World Champion: Twice. by Dorota Redzikowska

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20 Years later: Sweden Remembers the Estonia Victims

Sweden, 20 Sep - 03 Oct 2014

Estonia disaster remembered ++ Sweden supports fight against IS ++ New government formed. by Jens Ummethum

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Prime Minister’s Turn-around: No Surrogacy for French Couples

France, 25 Sep - 08 Oct 2014

Anti-surrogacy demonstrations and turn-around of the Prime Minister ++ Liberal professions launch first great strike ++ French Formula One driver Jules Bianchi severely injured. by Ina Berger

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Belgian Federal Government gets off to Rocky Start

Belgium, 30 Sep - 21 Oct 2014

Unique Federal Coalition for Belgium... ++ ...but no time for games ++ Progressive voice in bishop synod. by Christophe Ponsard

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Catalonia - The Erotism of Independence

Spain - Commentary - Spain - 30 Sep 2014

How the Catalan Independence Movement impacts on Spain & Europe. by Marco Just Quiles

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