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Socialists all down after EP Elections – Right-wing Politician a Russian Spy?

Hungary, 19 May - 01 Jun 2014

Hungarians unaffected by European Elections ++ Nightmare results for socialist party – party leader resigns ++ A right-wing EP representative spying for Russia? by Sonja Milchram

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EP Elections, Football and the Turkish PM – No Winners in Germany

Germany, 20 May - 02 Jun 2014

European Elections: Everything will stay the same ++ All quiet on the western front – NSA surveillance investigations in Germany ++ Injuries and accidents – national team prepares for football World Cup under difficult circumstances ++ Erdoğan in Cologne: Turkish politics divide Germany. by Eike Hortsch

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Illegal Campaign Financing? Conservative Party under Pressure

France, 22 May - 04 Jun 2014

The Bygmalion case – party leader resigns ++ #EP2014 – French nationalist right wing party makes the highest score ++ The end of Alsace and other regions? ++ French man fires at the Jewish Museum in Brussels? by Anne-Sophie Gerst, Katinka Koke

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Wilder's populist anti-Islam Sticker turns into diplomatic Mayhem

Netherlands, 24 May - 06 Jun 2014

Dutch diplomats and businesses in action to avert Saudi sanctions over anti-Islam stickers ++ Fuel tax increase will not be reversed ++ Orange mania as soccer world cup in Brazil is about to start. by Kirsten Lucas

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The King is NOT dead, long live the King?

Spain, 25 May - 07 Jun 2014

End of an era: King Juan Carlos’ abdication ++ Prince Felipe: the successor ++ Antimonarchist movement after the King’s abdication. by Hannah Lütkenhaus, Marco Just Quiles

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Expo 2015 & MOSE: Corruption Allegations overshadow Italian Mega-Projects

Italy, 26 May - 08 Jun 2014

Scandals surrounding Venice's MOSE, EXPO Milan and financial police ++ Local elections in Italy: good results for Renzi's PD and some surprises ++ Azzuri under fire: Luxurious preparation for the World Cup. by Anja Berger, Vittoria Carraro

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Political Storms and heavy Floods in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, 28 May - 24 Jun 2014

Early Parliamentary elections as a way out of the political crisis ++ Bulgaria suspends a strategic gas pipeline: South Stream or South Front? ++ 13 victims after heavy rains. by Raycho Penchev

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‘No Freedom without Solidarity’ – 25th Anniversary of first democratic Elections

Poland, 30 May - 12 Jun 2014

Poland celebrates end of communism in 1989, addresses Ukraine Crisis ++ Two-day-visit of Barack Obama in Poland ++ Disturbance on President Jaruzelski's Funeral ++ Abortion, contraception, euthanasia: patient rights vs. rights of doctors. by Monika Kostecka

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Sweden celebrates National Day & Baptism of Princess Leonore

Sweden, 31 May - 13 Jun 2014

Youngest member of the royal family baptised ++ Railroad strike disrupts traffic ++ Voters have most confidence in the Prime Minister, but opposition parties lead in poll. by Jens Ummethum

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Sad Times for the Press and the political Opposition

Hungary, 02 Jun - 15 Jun 2014

TV channels and newspapers protest against new advertising tax ++ Journalist fired for revealing inconvenient truth ++ Budapest city council domesticated with new law ++ Football legend Gyula Grosics dies. by Sonja Milchram

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German-British Quarrels & the Revenge of a former President

Germany, 03 Jun - 16 Jun 2014

Juncker yes or no? Germany and Great Britain haggling over Presidency of European Commission ++ Book by the ex-president: Payday for Christian Wulff ++ Speleologist enclosed in more than 1000m depth. by Sandra Czech

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Once again: France descends into Chaos due to Railway Strike

France, 05 Jun - 18 Jun 2014

Railway employees on strike cripple the country ++ 70th D-Day anniversary assembles heads of state and government ++ Jean-Marie Le Pen stains his own party with anti-Semitic statement. by Catherine Grünewald

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Spain's early World Cup Exit: The End and Beginning of an Era

Spain, 07 Jun - 21 Jun 2014

Spain’s defeat: a new era of football? ++ The reaction in Spain ++ Spain’s New King: Felipe VI. by Hannah Lütkenhaus

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Football World Cup 2014 – Dutch take Brazil by Storm

Netherlands, 07 Jun - 20 Jun 2014

Orangemania as Dutch team is up to successful start at 2014 World Cup ++ Popular festival stops abruptly in severe weather conditions ++ After Syria, Egypt and Ukraine the Iraqi conflict dominates the public debate. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Italy gets knocked out of World Cup, and Uruguayan Suarez bites again

Italy, 09 Jun - 23 Jun 2014

World Cup 2014: Italy is out while Suarez bite overshadows the match ++ Renzi’s Government on its way to reforms ++ Pope Francis in Calabria, the land of the ’Ndrangheta. by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò

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Poland’s political Elite shaken by huge bugging Scandal

Poland, 13 Jun - 26 Jun 2014

Government under heavy attack after tape scandal ++ Governing political party looses ground ++ NATO consolidation talks between Poland and Estonia. by Maciej Wilga

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Success of “Red Devils” diverts Attention from slow Government Formations

Belgium, 13 Jun - 12 Jul 2014

Devil Mania – Belgian football team in the Top 8 ++ Regions in final stage of formation… ++ …Federal level lags behind. by Christophe Ponsard

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Progress in Cases of killed Journalist & School Scandal, Regress in Asylum Rights?

Sweden, 14 Jun - 27 Jun 2014

Swedish Court supports close-down of scandalous Boarding School ++ Investigation in the case of murdered Swedish journalist progresses ++ Swedish company causes debate on asylum-seekers' rights in Great Britain. by Sarah Onkels

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All Eyes on Brazil – German Team fights for the World Cup

Germany, 17 Jun - 30 Jun 2014

Kick it like Müller – Germany caught by World Cup-fever ++ German speleologist rescued ++ Michael Schumacher finally awoke from coma ++ OSCE monitoring team liberated. by Lisa Heinemann

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The End of a political Career? – Former President Nicolas Sarkozy arrested

France, 19 Jun - 02 Jul 2014

Former President accused of active corruption ++ New euthanasia debate in France ++ FIFA World Cup: Success of Les Bleus inspires the French. by Ina Berger

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World Cup Hopes & National Security Issues in the Netherlands

Netherlands, 21 Jun - 04 Jul 2014

Intelligence Service: Dutch jihadi groups resemble elusive ‘swarm’ ++ IT problems at Ministry of Defence lead to sacking of senior civil servants ++ World Cup: Diving Robben and ‘racist’ Tweet. by Kirsten Lucas

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The Bull Run in Pamplona - Cultural Heritage or Animal Abuse?

Spain, 22 Jun - 05 Jul 2014

The most controversial fair of the year: San Fermín ++ Massive exit of Latino immigrants lowers population numbers ++ Real Madrid’s soccer icon Di Stéfano dies aged 88. by Marco Just Quiles

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Italian Presidency of the EU: Renzi to wake up 'exhausted' Europe

Italy, 24 Jun - 07 Jul 2014

PM Renzi fixes targets for the Italian Presidency of the EU ++ Italian Senate revamp goes ahead, immunity from prosecution remains ++ Massive migrant exploitation unveiled in Latina ++ Madonna-statue 'kneels' in front of Mafia-boss. by Federica Patalano, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro

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Banking System under Attack – In what do Bulgarians trust?

Bulgaria, 25 Jun - 08 Jul 2014

Banking affair upsets Bulgaria ++ Russian Foreign Minister on a visit to Sofia: Rising pressure on Bulgaria ++ Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party to give up the post of chairman. by Raycho Penchev

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After successful EP Elections: Joined Forces on the Political Right?

Poland, 27 Jun - 10 Jul 2014

Coalition of ultra-conservative Parties incoming? ++ Denied abortion: Doctor in distress ++ Heaviest aviation accident in recent years. by Lukas Plewnia

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Almedalen political Week accompanied by slight Disagreements with Denmark

Sweden, 28 Jun - 11 Jul 2014

The ‘Almedalen’ week – herald of future Swedish politics? ++ Danish Street beggars to be sent to Sweden ++ Trans-regional transport: Öresund region to be more integrated. by Maciej Wilga

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