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Two Teams, one City: Spain in gleeful Anticipation of Iberic Champions League Final

Spain, 13 Apr - 10 May 2014

Atlético and Real Madrid to meet in the first ever Champions League final derby ++ Conservative Politician killed in northern Spain ++ European Election trends: high-level approval for European Union ++ F.C. Barcelona in mourning for Tito Vilanova. by Hannah Lütkenhaus, Marco Just Quiles, Marília Ferreira da Cunha

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Poland welcomes American Troops and celebrates the Canonisation of Pope John Paul II

Poland, 18 Apr - 01 May 2014

American troops on Polish soil ++ Polish Pope John Paul II declared a saint ++ Famous Polish poet Rozewicz passes away. by Maciej Wilga

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Church Bells vs. Nazis, Finnish vs. Swedish Language, Ukraine vs. Russia

Sweden, 19 Apr - 02 May 2014

Jönköping churches fight Nazis with ringing bells ++ Hostages released in Ukraine ++ Obligation to learn Swedish questioned in Finland. by Sarah Onkels

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Flemish Nationalist turning the scale: Belgian general Elections ahead

Belgium, 20 Apr - 03 May 2014

Parties define their positions for upcoming elections ++ French speaking parties reject N-VA state reform proposal ++ Flemish parties try to stand out against N-VA. by Christophe Ponsard

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Prime Minister Orbán builds Occupation Memorial – and his ‘personal’ Football Stadium

Hungary, 21 Apr - 04 May 2014

Debated German occupation memorial erected, March of the Living arrives Budapest ++ Pancho Arena – A football stadium for the Prime Minister? ++ Hungary ‘celebrates’ 10 year membership in the EU. by Sonja Milchram

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Party with Putin – Former Chancellor irritates German Government

Germany, 22 Apr - 05 May 2014

A pipeline, a birthday party and a hug – Gerhard Schröder & the Russian president ++ OSCE Hostages released by Sloviansk militia ++ Believe it or not: Bayern Munich loses…President Hoeness & vs. Real Madrid. by Christian Grünewald

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Two-year Anniversary of Presidency: Hollande seeks to regain Popularity

France, 24 Apr - 07 May 2014

Controversial reactions to President Hollande’s TV interview ++ Who will get Alstom? General Electric and Siemens compete for French company’s energy branch ++ Reopening of the Picasso Museum delayed. by Ina Berger

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Dutch Authorities unsettled by rising Violence between Biker Gangs

Netherlands, 26 Apr - 09 May 2014

Justice Minister wants joint action to combat biker gangs ++ Children’s ombudsman calls child amnesty rules ‘idiotic’ ++ Deputy Prime Minister calls to stop unfair competition of workers across EU. by Kirsten Lucas

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Between 'Calcio' and 'Camorra' – Violence in Italian Football

Italy, 28 Apr - 11 May 2014

Violence in Italian football: supporter shot before cup final ++ Immigration: conflicts between Rome and EU ++ Berlusconi begins service in retirement home. by Marco Jelic

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Bulgaria’s Struggles in Dealing with Asylum Seekers continue

Bulgaria, 30 Apr - 13 May 2014

Xenophobic displacement of Syrian refugees ++ Ex-Collaborators of the Bulgaria’s Communist-era State Security running for the European Elections ++ Demand for improved social policies in healthcare and education. by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev

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EP President Schulz celebrates EU Membership Anniversary with 5,000 Poles

Poland, 02 May - 15 May 2014

Flag Day, Labour Day, EU membership, constitution – three days of celebration ++ Ukraine opens borders for Polish pork again ++ Termination of the second pillar of the pension system. by Lukas Plewnia

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Ukraine Crisis boosts Swedish Interest in European Elections

Sweden, 03 May - 16 May 2014

Swedes’ interest for the European elections on the rise ++ Sweden to strengthen its defence ++ New home for Nobel Prize in Stockholm. by Maciej Wilga

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Election Campaign on hold to honour great Statesman Dehaene (1940-2014)

Belgium, 04 May - 17 May 2014

++ Cosmopublic special report on the decease of former Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene, “architect of the Belgian Federal State” and committed European politician ++ by Christophe Christiaens, Daan Fonck

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Hungary comes in 5th at ESC, new Parliament starts with several Scandals

Hungary, 05 May - 18 May 2014

New parliament elects skinhead deputy speaker ++ Inauguration speech: Government without Government Programme ++ Dual citizenship for Hungarian minority? PM sparks diplomatic tensions with Ukraine ++ Eurovision Song Contest: Hungary Twelve Points. by Sonja Milchram

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Putin and Erdogan – two political “Bad Boys” in focus

Germany, 06 May - 19 May 2014

Persona non grata? Turkish Prime Minister is facing trouble at home and abroad ++ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: What is Vladimir Putin up to? ++ TV debate Juncker vs. Schulz – European election campaign comes to an end ++ Germany celebrates with Conchita Wurst.
by Daniel Rätz

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European Elections: Chilly prospects, anger and division

France, 08 May - 21 May 2014

Little enthusiasm before European Parliament Elections ++ Manuel Valls’ government programme takes form ++ Cannes: disappointed love and cheap soft porn. by Matthieu Choblet

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Weak Wilders – Pro-European Surprise in Dutch EP-Vote

Netherlands, 10 May - 23 May 2014

EP elections: Dutch seem neither anti-European, nor Euro-phoric ++ Dutch celebrate second place in the Eurovision Song Contest ++ ‘Geslaagd!’ – School students anxiously await the results of their finals. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann

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European Elections in Spain: Winners and Losers

Spain, 11 May - 24 May 2014

Election defeat for major parties PP and PSOE ++ The winners: new Podemos and Regionalists ++ ‘La Decima’- Real Madrid wins Champions League Final. by Marco Just Quiles

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European Election Polls: Renzi's great Victory - Grillo's Defeat

Italy, 12 May - 25 May 2014

Renzi's Partito Democratico wins European election in Italy with over 40 per cent ++ M5S after electoral defeat: between crisis and European strategy ++ No end to the influx from Africa ++ Prandelli's road to Brazil. by Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic

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And the Winner is? Bulgaria after the EP Elections

Bulgaria, 14 May - 27 May 2014

Results of Bulgaria’s European Parliament elections ++ The youngest BSP candidate wins an MEP seat ++ Controversial Lafka kiosks chain in the public focus. by Alice Greschkow, Ivan Yanakiev, Raycho Penchev

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Tusk wins EP Elections – close Race, weak Turnout

Poland, 16 May - 29 May 2014

European elections in Poland – winners and losers ++ Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Italy ++ Wojciech Jaruzelski, key player of the communist era, is dead.
by Dorota Redzikowska

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Moderate Party suffers Defeat in EP Elections, strong Greens and Nationalists

Sweden, 17 May - 30 May 2014

Surprising winners and losers in the Swedish EP-elections ++ Fire causes massive problems for train commuters in Stockholm ++ Survey: Conservative voters more open to bipartisan government. by Camilla Buch

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Socialists all down after EP Elections – Right-wing Politician a Russian Spy?

Hungary, 19 May - 01 Jun 2014

Hungarians unaffected by European Elections ++ Nightmare results for socialist party – party leader resigns ++ A right-wing EP representative spying for Russia? by Sonja Milchram

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EP Elections, Football and the Turkish PM – No Winners in Germany

Germany, 20 May - 02 Jun 2014

European Elections: Everything will stay the same ++ All quiet on the western front – NSA surveillance investigations in Germany ++ Injuries and accidents – national team prepares for football World Cup under difficult circumstances ++ Erdoğan in Cologne: Turkish politics divide Germany. by Eike Hortsch

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Illegal Campaign Financing? Conservative Party under Pressure

France, 22 May - 04 Jun 2014

The Bygmalion case – party leader resigns ++ #EP2014 – French nationalist right wing party makes the highest score ++ The end of Alsace and other regions? ++ French man fires at the Jewish Museum in Brussels? by Anne-Sophie Gerst, Katinka Koke

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Wilder's populist anti-Islam Sticker turns into diplomatic Mayhem

Netherlands, 24 May - 06 Jun 2014

Dutch diplomats and businesses in action to avert Saudi sanctions over anti-Islam stickers ++ Fuel tax increase will not be reversed ++ Orange mania as soccer world cup in Brazil is about to start. by Kirsten Lucas

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The King is NOT dead, long live the King?

Spain, 25 May - 07 Jun 2014

End of an era: King Juan Carlos’ abdication ++ Prince Felipe: the successor ++ Antimonarchist movement after the King’s abdication. by Hannah Lütkenhaus, Marco Just Quiles

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Ska Keller: ‘We have to tell the people why European decisions matter’ #EP2014

Interview - 25 May 2014

Just ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, asked candidates about European identity, debating European issues and their advice for the young generation. Get inspired for the #EP2014 by

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Martin Schulz: ‘Europeans want a choice in how their institutions are run’ #EP2014

Interview - 25 May 2014

Just ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, asked candidates about European identity, debating European issues and their advice for the young generation. Get inspired for the #EP2014 by

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Philippe Juvin: ‘We need new generations to become fully involved in the European idea’ #EP2014

Interview - 25 May 2014

Just ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, asked candidates about European identity, debating European issues and their advice for the young generation. Get inspired for the #EP2014 by

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Expo 2015 & MOSE: Corruption Allegations overshadow Italian Mega-Projects

Italy, 26 May - 08 Jun 2014

Scandals surrounding Venice's MOSE, EXPO Milan and financial police ++ Local elections in Italy: good results for Renzi's PD and some surprises ++ Azzuri under fire: Luxurious preparation for the World Cup. by Anja Berger, Vittoria Carraro

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Political Storms and heavy Floods in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, 28 May - 24 Jun 2014

Early Parliamentary elections as a way out of the political crisis ++ Bulgaria suspends a strategic gas pipeline: South Stream or South Front? ++ 13 victims after heavy rains. by Raycho Penchev

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‘No Freedom without Solidarity’ – 25th Anniversary of first democratic Elections

Poland, 30 May - 12 Jun 2014

Poland celebrates end of communism in 1989, addresses Ukraine Crisis ++ Two-day-visit of Barack Obama in Poland ++ Disturbance on President Jaruzelski's Funeral ++ Abortion, contraception, euthanasia: patient rights vs. rights of doctors. by Monika Kostecka

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Sweden celebrates National Day & Baptism of Princess Leonore

Sweden, 31 May - 13 Jun 2014

Youngest member of the royal family baptised ++ Railroad strike disrupts traffic ++ Voters have most confidence in the Prime Minister, but opposition parties lead in poll. by Jens Ummethum

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