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‘Red Caps’ defend their Jobs & ‘343 Bastards’ claim Right to Prostitution

France, 20 Oct - 02 Nov 2013

Government forced to suspend new ‘eco-tax’ ++ French hostages freed after three years in Niger ++ ‘343 bastards’ defend their right to visit prostitutes. by Ina Berger

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Dutch Army in Mali: Responsibility to protect or Hard Sell for a Seat in the Security Council?

Netherlands, 22 Oct - 04 Nov 2013

Dutch army mobilises for peacekeeping mission in Mali ++ Party for Freedom kicks out MP for criticising Geert Wilders, the party leader ++ The British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined the Dutch Rabobank. by Kirsten Lucas

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Dangerous Liaisons – Italy’s Minister of Justice in Trouble

Italy, 24 Oct - 06 Nov 2013

Dangerous liaisons for the Minister of Justice: Cancellieri in trouble over the “Ligresti Affaire” ++ Datagate scandal involves Italy ++ Pope initiates worldwide enquiry on gay marriage, birth control and divorce. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò

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Bulgaria on the Barricades – Refugee Policy & #OccupySofia

Bulgaria, 25 Oct - 07 Nov 2013

Another brick in the ‘European Wall’? Bulgaria starts construction of a security fence to stop migrants from Syria ++ Bulgarian students lock horns with the government ++ Street art or political act? A spray-painted monument to communist partisans. by Raycho Penchev

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Black Mark on Brussels: MP accused of Murder, Scandals in homeless environment

Belgium, 26 Oct - 08 Nov 2013

Member of Parliament accused of murder ++ Head of homeless organisation earns big money ++ 200 homeless evicted over night. by Christophe Christiaens

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U.S. Secretary of State visits Poland, Parents Initiative gets thwarted by Sejm

Poland, 28 Oct - 10 Nov 2013

Praise & NSA discussion – John Kerry’s visit in Poland ++ Parliament refuses referendum on school enrollment ++ Catholics celebrate All Saints, German Protestant Prize for former Premier Buzek. by Dorota Redzikowska

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Separating the 'Good' from the 'Bad' – yet another ugly School Scandal

Sweden, 30 Oct - 12 Nov 2013

Demand for change in Swedish school law after new scandal ++ Swedish organisations among the first helpers in the Philippines ++ Sweden or Switzerland? China seeks to distinguish countries better. by Sarah Onkels

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Weeks of Rejection: No Asylum for Edward Snowden and ‘Nolympics’ for Bavaria

Germany, 31 Oct - 13 Nov 2013

German government will not offer asylum to NSA whistleblower Snowden ++ 1500 Nazi-confiscated paintings recovered by police in Munich ++ Voters in Bavaria reject hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. by Katharina Winter

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Furious French: Angry Teachers, Racist Attacks and Protests against Hollande

France, 03 Nov - 16 Nov 2013

Racist attacks on Minister of Justice ++ Teachers on strike against school reform ++ Hollande booed at celebrations commemorating the end of the WWI ++ News about French hostages in Africa. by Jenny Lindner

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Every Year again... Racism Debate intensifies as Sinterklaas Celebration approaches

Netherlands, 05 Nov - 18 Nov 2013

The ‘Zwarte Piet debate’ – more intense than ever before ++ Ahead of 2014 European Parliament elections: Far-right parties unite against united Europe ++ Dutch wonder how they can help after devastating typhoon in the Philippines. by Jessica van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Cleopatra over Sardinia – Deadly Cyclone plunges the Island into Chaos

Italy, 07 Nov - 20 Nov 2013

The tragedy of Sardinia – Island hit by a deadly cyclone ++ The ashes of the phoenix: Forza Italia's rebirth and Democratic Party's new leadership ++ 'Cancellieri affair' shakes Letta’s government ++ 'They’ll never win against us!'. by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro

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Where do we go from here? New Neo-Nazi Party & Justice System Reforms

Bulgaria, 08 Nov - 21 Nov 2013

A brand new Neo-Nazi party was founded in Bulgaria ++ Justice system reforms lack funding ++ One night in Paris 20 years ago: Bulgarians remember their personal football heaven. by Raycho Penchev

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Michel didn’t know? End of Career for over-zealous Assistant and swaggering CEO

Belgium, 09 Nov - 22 Nov 2013

MEP assistant assumedly fueled lobby war on EU bill ++ BNP Paribas Fortis Bank now 100% French ++ One controversy too much – Belgacom CEO dismissed. by Christophe Ponsard

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Busy Times for Tusk: Radical Changes & assumed Corruption within Government

Poland, 11 Nov - 24 Nov 2013

Radical changes – big cabinet reshuffle ++ Independence Day: time for nationalism ++ Corruption scandal: prosecutors investigate. by Lukas Plewnia

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Swedish Reporter Duo lost in Syrian War

Sweden, 13 Nov - 26 Nov 2013

Two Journalists from Sweden abducted in Syria ++ Terminal patient on air – unique lawsuit in Uppsala ++ Does Swedish Transport Administration ignore railroad problems? by Camilla Buch

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A new Government is at the ready – SPD Party Base has to decide

Germany, 14 Nov - 27 Nov 2013

Conservatives and Social Democrats sign coalition treaty ++ Munich art treasure – legal questions largely unresolved ++ Comedian Dieter Hildebrandt is dead ++ The chocolate dispute. by Saskia Ries

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The abandoned Baby on the Beach – only one Reason for Concern

France, 17 Nov - 30 Nov 2013

Little girl left to die on the beach ++ Hostilities towards satirical newspaper … again ++ French Footballers go to Rio – and on strike? ++ Suspension of the eco-tax is not enough ++ CEO of Peugeot Citroën renounces his pension. by Catherine Grünewald

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Violation of Web Privacy by Google … and the Dutch’s own Intelligence

Netherlands, 19 Nov - 02 Dec 2013

NSA revelations – Dutch intelligence service hacks web forums ++ Senate may backtrap plans to scrap blasphemy law ++ Google breaks Dutch data protection law. by Kirsten Lucas

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Arrivederci Silvio! – Ex-premier expelled from the Senate

Italy, 21 Nov - 04 Dec 2013

Silvio’s last political funeral? Berlusconi expelled from the Senate and Letta’s executive renewed ++ A dialogue of hope between Pope Francis and President Putin? ++ Grillo’s third V-day and the Five Stars movement electoral program ++ Fire in Tuscany Chinatown: seven people dead. by Federica Patalano, Marco Calabrò, Vittoria Carraro

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All Things Budget – Renewable Energy & Education Reforms

Bulgaria, 22 Nov - 05 Dec 2013

‘To be or not to be?’ – Bulgarian Parliament adopts a new fee for renewable energy ++ Bulgarian education problems become visible in PISA survey ++ Increasing national and international tensions challenges refugee policies. by Alice Greschkow, Raycho Penchev

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Senate gives Green Light for Child Euthanasia

Belgium, 23 Nov - 06 Dec 2013

Senate votes for legalisation of euthanasia for minors ++ Banking bill divides government ++ O’Leary announces ten new destinations from Brussels Airport. by Daan Fonck

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Kaczynski’s Way: Political Differences over Approach towards Ukraine

Poland, 25 Nov - 08 Dec 2013

Polish disagreements over the way to help Ukraine ++ Gowin’s next step: emergence of a new party at the political centre ++ Cyclone Bodil a.k.a. ‘Xavery’ raging over Poland by Maciej Wilga

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PISA shakes the Swedish Nation

Sweden, 27 Nov - 10 Dec 2013

Bad PISA results questioning education system ++ ‘ ‘Sven' a.k.a ‘Bodil’ wreaks havoc ++ Highly controversial judge re-assigned. by Jens Ummethum

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Brace yourself, Germany – Storm Xaver, Grand Coalition and Olympic Discussions

Germany, 28 Nov - 16 Dec 2013

It’s a ‘Yes'! End of waiting for the new government ++ ‘Xaver’ all over Germany – but rather mild ++ President Gauck and the Russian Winter Olympics. by Sandra Czech

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