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Embassies Closed and Dutch Nationals Repatriated due to Terror Warnings

Netherlands, 16 Jul - 12 Aug 2013

Terror threats: Embassies closed and travellers asked to return ++ Heat wave strenuous for people and cows ++ Government finds health system too expensive ++ Concern about safety of Dutch railway after train accident in Spain ++ End of 100th Tour de France closely followed. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Silvio Berlusconi Convicted!

Italy, 17 Jul - 01 Aug 2013

Berlusconi convicted! ++ Minister Alfano and the consequences of the Shalabayeva affair ++ Fight over constitutional reforms, stalemate in Parliament ++ Mortal bus accident in Campania leaves questions. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò

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Belgian Dexia Bank Involved in Detroit Bankruptcy

Belgium, 20 Jul - 02 Aug 2013

Bad bank keeps haunting government and taxpayers ++ Political bickering on the retirement age ++ Sunshine after the rain! by Daan Fonck

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Great Joy about upcoming Canonisation of Polish Pope

Poland, 22 Jul - 04 Aug 2013

Canonisation of Pope John Paul II enchants believers ++ Music, mud and colours: “Woodstock Station” 2013 rocks the crowd ++ British court: Life sentence for cruel Polish parents. by Dorota Redzikowska

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War of Words over Gay Rights between Sweden and Russia

Sweden, 24 Jul - 06 Aug 2013

Gay Rights a Hot Topic in Sweden and Russia ++ Weather Extremes Hit Sweden ++ Women’s Football home Euro without happy end for the hosts. by Jens Ummethum

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NSA, Euro Hawk, Doping – Germany is Waiting for Explanations

Germany, 27 Jul - 09 Aug 2013

Ongoing debate about NSA surveillance moves on to legal issues ++ Defending the Defence Minister ++ Doping West – a new perspective on sportsmanship in the FRG ++ Veggie Day – a country fears for its meat at lunch. by Sandra Czech

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Holiday Season Troubled by a Robbery and a Suicide

France, 28 Jul - 10 Aug 2013

France experiences one of the world’s biggest robberies ++ “Forbearance is not acquittance” – Justice Minister defends release of delinquents ++ Family drama – Father commits suicide ++ Is the President on holiday this summer? ++ France lucky new world champion in men’s swim relay. by Sabrina Hambloch

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The Berlusconi Battle – a Shadow over Italian Politics

Italy, 02 Aug - 15 Aug 2013

No summer relaxation for Italy’s politicians: dispute over Berlusconi’s conviction ++ New fiscal troubles plague Letta’s government ++ Clandestine migration to Southern Italy - six victims on the coast of Catania. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò

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Belgium vs. The Netherlands: 3-0

Belgium, 03 Aug - 16 Aug 2013

Paul Krugman prefers Belgian over Dutch economic policy ++ Brussels’ stock market to highest point in five years ++ Belgium rises to the sixth place of the FIFA ranking. by Christophe Christiaens

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School for Six-year-olds? Parents vs. Government

Poland, 05 Aug - 18 Aug 2013

Parents rebelling against early school enrolment ++ Catholic TV Station eager to finally get digital ++ Andrzej Lepper: Anniversary of a tragic death. by Lukas Plewnia

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U.S. President Obama to Pay highly anticipated Visit to Sweden

Sweden, 07 Aug - 20 Aug 2013

Barack Obama meets Nordic Prime Ministers in Sweden ++ Swedish athletes criticise Russia’s gay rights law ++ Prime Minister Reinfeldt’s move to cut taxes sparks debate. by Camilla Buch

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Lame Railway Station, Lame Election Campaign

Germany, 10 Aug - 23 Aug 2013

Nowhere to go from Mainz Station – Embarrassment for Deutsche Bahn ++ Less than a month to the general election – when does the campaign take off? ++ Bundesliga starts again: Goals, Penalties and Red Cards all over. by Christian Grünewald

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French Interior Minister is “the Man of the Summer”

France, 11 Aug - 24 Aug 2013

Turbulent summer season for Manuel Valls: Interior Minister is heating up debates ++ Sarkozy and his party: discussion about political inventory of five-year presidency ++ Marseille: Rising violence in the city worries locals and politicians. by Ina Berger

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The Dutch are Mourning Prince Friso's Death

Netherlands, 13 Aug - 26 Aug 2013

The Netherlands mourn as Prince Friso did not wake from his 18 month in coma ++ Increasing worries about bloodshed in Egypt ++ Dutch cautious with a possible military intervention in Syria. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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The Great Escape: Berlusconi trying to avoid Punishment

Italy, 16 Aug - 29 Aug 2013

After conviction: Berlusconi and his party still looking for the “get out of jail free” card ++ Abolition of property taxes: Grand coalition government makes a deal ++ Red carpet in Venice – a spotlight on the film festival 2013 ++ The Italian Sundays make sense again: new Seria A season starts. by Anja Berger, Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro

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Search for Railway Boss: How to Ruin your Career in one Week

Belgium, 17 Aug - 30 Aug 2013

Belgian Railways candidate Joncheere falls victim to her own CV ++ Senate reform means less money for parties ++ New US ambassador for Belgium introduces herself. by Lauren Heeffer

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Another Polish Soldier Dies in Afghanistan

Poland, 19 Aug - 01 Sep 2013

Unfortunate weeks for Polish forces ++ Next priest muzzled by the Catholic Church ++ Is this the end for Warsaw’s unpopular Mayor? by Dorota Redzikowska

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Famous Boarding School Closed in Wake of Torture Scandal

Sweden, 21 Aug - 03 Sep 2013

Boarding school temporarily shut down after reported abuse ++ Head of Public Employment Service forced to resign ++ Swedish politician shot to death in Somalia. by Jens Ummethum

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Duel or Duet? Bundestag Campaign off to a Slow Start

Germany, 24 Aug - 05 Sep 2013

The race for the German Chancellery has begun! Somewhat ++ Campaign part II: No clear positions on the Syrian conflict ++ President Joachim Gauck in France: An act of reconciliation between France and Germany. by Benno Gross

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French Government Launches Reforms for Young and Old

France, 25 Aug - 07 Sep 2013

The government effectuates sensitive reforms ++ Syria: France and the US act in concert ++ The carcinogenic electronic cigarette ++ Comeback of French humorist as TV presenter ++ German President visits French site of Nazi massacre. by Anne-Sophie Gerst, Katinka Koke

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Parties Clash over Publication of Budget 2014

Netherlands, 27 Aug - 09 Sep 2013

Government and Opposition quarrel over Budget 2014 ++ Syria crisis: discussions about chemical weapons and refugees ++ After numerous scandals: government announces new asylum laws. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Italy Stands down on Syria – The Pope Prays for Peace

Italy, 30 Aug - 12 Sep 2013

Italian views on Syria: Letta positions at G20 and Pope Francis calls for peace ++ The saga continues: Berlusconi now appeals to European Court of Human Rights ++ Venice film festival: Golden Lion for “Sacro GRA” ++ Squadra Azzura qualifies for Brazil 2014. by Marco Calabrò, Marco Jelic, Vittoria Carraro

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New Nukes and Pandas for Belgium

Belgium, 31 Aug - 13 Sep 2013

Nuclear bombs? We do not confirm, nor deny ++ Local government gets active in print media ++ Panda-diplomacy results in Panda-quarrel. by Daan Fonck

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