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The Netherlands Welcome Their New King

Netherlands, 09 Apr - 06 May 2013

Willem Alexander - King of the Netherlands ++ Should Germans be commemorated on Remembrance Day? ++ Dutch asylum system under scrutiny after suicide of Russian asylum seeker ++ Bomb attacks on Boston marathon in the spotlight. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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All Eyes on Munich, Bavaria: Football, Taxes, Courts & Politics

Germany, 19 Apr - 17 May 2013

Case of Bayern president Hoeness heats up tax fraud debate ++ Highly anticipated NSU terrorism trial starts with flood of petitions ++ Disbelief about Bavarian nepotism scandal. by Christian Grünewald

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Finally it’s Done: Italy Has a New Government!

Italy, 23 Apr - 06 May 2013

Enrico Letta is the new premier of a grand coalition ++ Two policemen shot down while cabinet was swearing in ++ Juventus, the old lady, wins the “scudetto”. by Marco Jelic

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Upset about Lobbyists Exploiting Deathly Ill Child

Belgium, 23 Apr - 08 May 2013

Seven-year-old used as a lobbying tool by the pharmaceutical industry ++ Authorities’ response to chemical train disaster proves inadequate ++ Weatherman fired after controversial comment on Facebook. by Daan Fonck

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Ice Hockey Fever Captures Sweden

Sweden, 29 Apr - 14 May 2013

Ice Hockey World Championship taking place in Sweden and Finland ++ Swedish ministers on Africa tour ++ H&M signs agreement to ensure safety in Bangladesh factories. by Jens Ummethum

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Labour Day and Black Magic

Poland, 29 Apr - 12 May 2013

Demonstrations on Labour Day ++ Government announced reduction of taxes ++ Poland threatened by black magic? by Lukas Plewnia

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The Quest for Political Stability: Letta Takes Up the Gauntlet

Italy, 07 May - 20 May 2013

New executive begins difficult work ++ Berlusconi and other problems of the new coalition ++ Local elections approaching; campaign is coming to an end ++ A man from Ghana kills three people in Milan, setting loose a debate about integration and racism. by Marco Calabrò

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Mourning for Ruben and Julian

Netherlands, 07 May - 20 May 2013

Dutch saddened over the murder of two young boys ++ Assassination of popular politician from Curacao widely debated ++ State secretary under attack for not combating welfare frauds efficiently ++ The Netherlands make it to the finals of the ESC again. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Fatal Bus Crash of 2012 Still Leaves Questions Unanswered

Belgium, 09 May - 25 May 2013

Parents of Sierre victims left in the dark ++ Second largest city Antwerp turned into a soap opera ++ Belgians and the weather – What’s keeping Spring? by Lauren Heeffer

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Prime Minister Tusk Under Pressure

Poland, 13 May - 26 May 2013

Alarming polls for governing Civic Platform ++ Angelina Jolie causes attention with breast surgery ++ Recycling: soon common in Poland? by Lukas Plewnia

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Once Again: the French Take a Stand for Their Language

France, 13 May - 26 May 2013

In English, please! Is the French language endangered? ++ Paris and Toulon dominate sporting events ++ The Golden Palm in Cannes is "Blue" this year. by Catherine Grünewald

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Denmark Triumphant at ESC – Gang Riots Shake Stockholm

Sweden, 15 May - 28 May 2013

Denmark wins Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö ++ Violence and burning cars in the capital ++ Historical decision in Gothenburg. by Jens Ummethum

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Bayern Victorious, Defence Minister under Pressure

Germany, 18 May - 30 May 2013

Minister of Defence brings “Game of Drones” to an end ++ Greens deal with pedophilia accusations ++ Bayern Munich: European football's new powerhouse. by Benno Gross

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Acts of Violence in Spain and London Shock the Netherlands

Netherlands, 21 May - 03 Jun 2013

Murder of Dutch couple in Spain ++ Dutch shocked by terror attack in London ++ Belgians and Dutch stop the Fyra. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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New Hope for Italy’s Public Finances?

Italy, 21 May - 03 Jun 2013

Italy out of the EU infraction procedure for excessive deficit ++ Local elections: center-left does well, while citizens’ participation decreases ++ Reform of semi-presidential system under discussion ++ Boy kills girlfriend: rising concern for violence against women ++ Balotelli and Minister of Integration against racism. by Marco Calabrò

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The Fyra Odyssey Continues

Belgium, 26 May - 08 Jun 2013

The failing Fyra now goes to the courts ++ A thorough reform of secondary education. Or not? ++ Youth against the system of local administrative fines. by Christophe Christiaens

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Religious War, Poverty and Open Sundays

Poland, 27 May - 09 Jun 2013

Religious war between right and left ++ Surveys: Extreme poverty and gloomy outlook ++ Open Sundays soon banned? by Lukas Plewnia

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Murder of 18-Year-Old Student Saddens France

France, 27 May - 09 Jun 2013

Murder of Clément Méric – A new extreme right in France? ++ “Affair Tapie" - Is Christine Lagarde still reliable? ++ This year’s record-breaking French Open overshadowed by anti-homosexual marriage protest. by Sabrina Hambloch

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Princess Madeleine gets married – Sweden celebrates!

Sweden, 29 May - 11 Jun 2013

Sweden celebrates wedding of Princess Madeleine ++ Tough days for the government of Prime Minister Reinfeldt ++ National Day in Sweden. by Jens Ummethum

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Worst Flood Catastrophe in Decades Hits Germany

Germany, 31 May - 13 Jun 2013

Devastating flood catastrophe in eastern Germany and Bavaria ++ Political up-risings in Istanbul move Turks in Germany ++ Bayern, Bayern, Bayern – FCB crowns outstanding season with historic triple triumph. by Daniel Rätz

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