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“Dirndl-Gate”: Harmless Men's Humour or Daily Sexism?

Germany, 17 Jan - 05 Feb 2013

Dirndl-affair causes debate on casual sexism ++ Despite losing the doctorate: Education Minister (CDU) initially remai­ns in office ++ Match-fixing also in German football? by Benno Gross

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European Commission Goes for Polish Roadmaking Cartels

Poland, 21 Jan - 03 Feb 2013

Collusive behaviour in road building – EU retains payments ++ Haggling over posts in the parliament ++ Poland mourns the death of popular Primate Glemp by Lukas Plewnia

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Two Resign, One Returns – Beatrix, Benedict and Berlusconi

Netherlands, 29 Jan - 25 Feb 2013

The queen is gone, long live the king ++ Surprise about the Pope’s decision to step down ++ Italian elections keep Dutch in suspense. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Will Belgium’s Nightmare Be Out of Prison Soon?

Belgium, 01 Feb - 14 Feb 2013

Marc Dutroux applies for early release ++ Deal Done! Belgian provinces keep European assistance ++ Electrabel accused for abusing its dominant position in the energy market. by Kim Gillade

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The Disbanding of the New Left

Poland, 04 Feb - 17 Feb 2013

Palikot Movement destroys itself ++ Prime minister of Lithuania visits Poland ++ Halftime for the Polish president by Lukas Plewnia

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Surprise and Respect about Resignation of German Pope

Germany, 06 Feb - 19 Feb 2013

Benedict XVI stuns the Catholic world by announcing retirement ++ Horsemeat scandal reaches Germany ++ Education Minister finally resigns after losing PhD. by Christian Grünewald

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Legal and Political Fallout from the Financial Crisis

Belgium, 15 Feb - 03 Mar 2013

Finance Minister steps down following Dexia controversy ++ ‘Robocops’ in Antwerp ++ Belgium participates in the EUTM mission in Mali. by Christophe Christiaens

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Fiscal Compact passes Sejm - Euro Adoption in Sight?

Poland, 18 Feb - 03 Mar 2013

Poland ratifies EU Fiscal Compact ++ Polska Plus – rise of a new party? ++ Tusk in difficulties – demission of the Minister of Justice? by Lukas Plewnia

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Chancellor Candidate "Clowns" about Italian Election

Germany, 19 Feb - 04 Mar 2013

New trouble for Steinbrück: SPD frontrunner speaks disparagingly about Berlusconi and Grillo ++ Government parties determine their first programmatics for the Bundestag elections ++ Protests for preservation of what is left of the Berlin Wall. by Benno Gross

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The Debt Crisis and “Project X” Revisited

Netherlands, 26 Feb - 11 Mar 2013

Dutch government criticised over further austerity measures ++ Last year’s Project X-party in Haren back in the media ++ Surprise over Venezuelan dealing with Hugo Chávez’ death. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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