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Government and Left Party Close Their Arguments – For Now

Germany, 21 May - 03 Jun 2012

Government Determines Dispute over Child Care Subsidy ++ Left Party Has a New Leadership ++ Syrian Ambassador Expelled ++ National Team Falters – Visit to Auschwitz. by Daniel Rätz

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Headaches over the Euro and the Football EURO

Netherlands, 28 May - 11 Jun 2012

Worries about the Future of the Euro as Spanish Banks Need New Bail-out ++ Dutch Disillusioned after their EURO 2012 Opening Game ++ Green Party Recovers from Fight over their Leadership. by Frederic van Zinnicq Bergmann

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Let the Games Begin

Poland, 28 May - 10 Jun 2012

Obama Irritates with Historical Lapse ++ The EURO 2012 finally Started ++ New Tensions between Russians and Poles. by Markus Bingel

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“Greece vs. Germany” - All Over the Place?

Germany, 04 Jun - 19 Jun 2012

Short Relief after Election in Greece, but Nothing All-clear in the Debt crisis ++ German Group Winners Face Highly Motivated Greeks at the EURO 2012 ++ Embarrassment for Government through Failed Child Care Bill ++ Massive Crackdown on Biker Gangs. by Christian Grünewald

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The End for the Polish team on EURO 2012 – and what now?

Poland, 11 Jun - 24 Jun 2012

UEFA Euro 2012 – the day after in Poland ++ No war on the street – the Russian gentle wind pased through Warsaw ++ General Slawomir Petelicki – an unexpected suicide. by Lukas Plewnia

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Two-way Loss against Italy

Germany, 18 Jun - 03 Jul 2012

Growing discussion about power transfer to Brussels ++ EURO 2012: Disappointment after lost semi-final against Italy ++ New malfunctions concerning the NSU investigation revealed – protection chief steps back. by Saskia Ries

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Comedian´s Lapse Breeds Resentment

Poland, 25 Jun - 08 Jul 2012

Polish comedian shocks Ukrainians ++ Quo vadis PZPN? ++ Polish tourism company bankrupted. by Markus Bingel

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