Archive: March 2012

Government crisis gets Tusk into trouble

Poland, 20 Feb - 04 Mar 2012

Government faces inner crisis ++ Polish ambassador kicked out of Belarus ++ Food scandal shocks consumers ++ Poland commemorates their cursed soldiers. by Markus Bingel

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Two presidents in focus

Germany, 27 Feb - 11 Mar 2012

Further discussions about Christian Wulff ++ Presidential election in Russia criticized ++ Strikes and collective bargaining in Germany ++ New host of “Wetten, dass…?” found ++ End of FC Bayern Munich’s crisis? by Daniel Rätz

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Infrastructure and energy sector in the spotlight

Poland, 05 Mar - 18 Mar 2012

Dozens of victims after train crash ++ Wlodzimierz Smolarek dead ++ Poland vetoes new CO2-goals. by Markus Bingel

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Regional elections shaping future political landscape

Germany, 12 Mar - 25 Mar 2012

Early elections after failure of largest federal state’s government ++ CDU wins Saarland, pirates are continuing success ++ Horror of serial killings in Toulouse, France. by Christian Grünewald

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Opposition attacks government in several fields

Poland, 19 Mar - 01 Apr 2012

Solidary Poland forms new party ++ New controversial history lessons ++ Debate over retirement age++ Poland's energy policy in the spotlight. by Markus Bingel

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Nobel Prize winner Grass under fire from all sides

Germany, 26 Mar - 08 Apr 2012

Günter Grass goes on at Israel ++ Criticism of (new) media for homicide news coverage ++ Schlecker rescue fails ++ Waiting for Pirate program. by Andreas Fleig

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