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Poor calculation by Greece, Italy and bankers

Germany, 24 Oct - 06 Nov 2011

Papandreou causes irritation – Berlusconi under pressure ++ Erdogan fueled debate on integration ++ Compromise in the coalition, but no agreement on minimum wages ++ Bank miscalculates by 50 billion Euro. by Daniel Rätz

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Downfall of Poland’s conservatives?

Poland, 31 Oct - 13 Nov 2011

PiS at breakdown: inner-party opposition excluded ++ Independence march ended in chaos ++ Emergency landing of Polish airplane. by Markus Bingel

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Germany shocked about right-wing terror

Germany, 07 Nov - 20 Nov 2011

Right-wing extremist cell busted ++ Special Party conference of the government parties, the CDU and FDP ++ Cautious optimism with new governments in Greece and Italy. by Saskia Ries

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Prime Minister and national team with a new livery

Poland, 14 Nov - 27 Nov 2011

New government to start work ++ Outline of the political programme for the next four years published ++ PiS excludes several members of the parliament from the party ++ Polish Football Association shocks fans. by Markus Bingel

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Protests on nuclear power ...again

Germany, 21 Nov - 04 Dec 2011

Once more violent protests against nuclear waste transport ++ Investigations against neo-Nazi cell extended ++ People finally vote for international rail station Stuttgart 21 ++ Fuss about public comeback of former Defence Secretary Guttenberg. by Christian Grünewald

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Football legend Lato faces accusations

Poland, 28 Nov - 11 Dec 2011

War inside and over Polish Football Association ++ Poles think that European Union could fall apart soon ++ Vatican condemns conservatives' idea of restoring death penalty. by Maria Szpilarewicz-Miszczak

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