Possible Ban of Donald Trump, Fracking and Airstrikes against IS split the Britons

21 Nov - 25 Dec 2015

Will US presidential contender Donald Trump be banned from UK? ++ Fracking debate reveals further fragmentations within the UK ++ Royal Air Force joins anti-IS coalition in Syria. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck

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A Very British Christmas: Tradition vs. Money Makers

Christmas Special - 24 Dec 2015

Ever wondered what it’s like to celebrate the best time of the year in the UK? With #ChristmasPudding on #Boxingday? Then read Bethany Purrington's compelling special report on traditionalism and commercialism in X-Mas in the UK. by Bethany Purrington

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Jobs, Privacy and The Working Poor Keep UK Politicians Busy

21 Oct - 20 Nov 2015

"Save Our Steel” rally calls for action ++ Freedom vs. Security: “Snoopers Charter” under scrutiny ++ Lords show unusual sign of strength. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck

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Uber App Now Legally Classed as a ‘Taximeter’

24 Sep - 20 Oct 2015

Uber app ruled legal in the UK by the high court ++ Merit vs. Equality? Grammar school sparks debate. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington

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House of Commons rejects Assisted Dying Bill, A New Leader for Labour

21 Aug - 23 Sep 2015

House of commons says ‘no’ to assisted dying ++ Jeremy Corbyn elected as Labour party leader. by Bethany Purrington, Callum Pierce

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