Article 50: What actually is it and what happens now?

United Kingdom - Analysis - 14 Apr 2017

Nine months after the Brexit vote, the UK has triggered Article 50. But what actually is Article 50, and what happens now? by Daniel Walker

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#Marmitegate and UKIP Leadership Take to the Headlines

19 Sep - 16 Oct 2016

“Marmitegate” and the plummeting Pound: Brits feel Brexit consequences as PM May gets precise on how to leave the EU ++ Diane James steps down as UKIP leader after 18 days as replacement favourite Steven Woolfe is rushed to hospital. by Daniel Walker, Robin Dyck

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Zombie Knives Banned While Labour Party Fights over Conditions of Leadership Election

25 Jul - 21 Aug 2016

++ Government bans Zombie knives, collector’s items often used as assault weapons ++ Governing body of Labour party wins court appeal to set leadership election conditions. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington

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The British Parties’ Internal Battles after Brexit Vote – PM May Victorious, Corbyn Struggles

26 Jun - 24 Jul 2016

Labour: Corbyn vs. Owen and the struggle for supremacy ++ Tory: New PM Theresa May wins conservative leadership race ++ Party leadership contests explained. by Alex Braley

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Unlimited Shame or Glorious Victory – Britain Divided Over Brexit

UK - Special BREXIT - 23 Jun 2016

Brexit – The Results ++ UK Politics in Turmoil ++ What’s Next? – A commentary. by Alex Braley, Bethany Purrington, Robin Dyck

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