Romania's Changing Course: From Culture to a New Bearer of Political Hope

29 May - 25 Jun 2016

Gabriela Firea new mayor of Bucharest – local elections in a country of a miscellaneous political orientation ++ Transylvania International Film Festival 2016: a quarter of a century of history on reel ++ Hexi Pharma or how the Romanian health system started to be cured. by Alina Agafiţei

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Bucharest’s City Hall, The Opera and Three Funerals: False Starts and Inevitable Endings

27 Mar - 23 Apr 2016

Running for the capital’s City Hall: storm in the pool of candidates ++ Divided we stand: resignations, rehires, protests and xenophobia at the Bucharest National Opera ++ Created equal, buried differently: a dancer, an actor and an interloper. by Lavinia Manea

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A Bittersweet March in Romania: United For Culture Whilst Divided By Fear

28 Feb - 26 Mar 2016

The terrorist attacks in Brussels – how was the view from Romania? ++ In loving memory of smoking – Romania joins 17 EU countries in banning smoking in public areas ++ Cuminţenia pământului – a means to trigger national consciousness? by Eva Chitul

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Romania Between Politics and Economic Growth

31 Jan - 27 Feb 2016

Former MEP Adrian Severin convicted for corruption ++ Even in capitalism, Romanian “Golden Age” brands still going strong ++ Short on oil – Romania’s crude oil reserves exhausted in less than 20 years. by Flavian-Catalin Pah

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January in Romania: (Not) Amending Laws and Dealing With Violence Against Children

03 Jan - 30 Jan 2016

Write a book and get out of jail?! Legislative loophole allowing high-profile prisoners to be released early to be closed ++ National Liberal Party wants mode of local elections to be modified only months before the vote ++ Alleged child abuse in Romanian-Norwegian family sparks debate about violence against children. by Doris Manu

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