The bumpy Road to Expo 2015

Special Feature - 02 Jun 2015

Expo 2015: Political scandals, high expectations and ambitious plans for the Earth's future. by Silvia Favasuli

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Big Snow in little Village

How Capracotta got into the Guinness Book of Records - 13 Apr 2015

Marco Jelic, team manager of Cosmopublic Italy, writes about a special event that put his "hometown" Capracotta in international headlines & why he considers getting a tattoo now. by Marco Jelic

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Italy has got a new President!

23 Feb 2015

In search of a President: Renzi's great victory & Berlusconi’s failure ++ Mattarella: a discrete arbiter?
by Marco Calabrò

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Facing Headwinds: Renzi and the Trade Unions

19 Nov - 18 Dec 2014

Commentary: How Italian Unions Rally Against Renzi's Job Reform
by Silvia Favasuli

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Rising Controversies between Italy & EU over Budget Bill

04 Nov - 04 Nov 2014

Commentary - How Italy continues to struggle reactivating its economic growth & why the government is on on a collision course with the European Union on its budget target. by Marco Calabrò

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Cosmopublic Team Italy

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