World Leaders Met at G7 Summit in Germany – An Useless Event?

13 May - 09 Jun 2015

Expensive and useless? G7 Summit heavily criticised in many respects ++ It’s not a big deal – is it? by Daniel Rätz, Lisa Heinemann

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Historical obligation or moral deadlock?

Commentary - 12 May 2015

70 years after Germany’s defeat in WWII brought to a halt the Nazis’ monstrous plan to extinct European Jews, the Federal Republic’s close ties with Israel are a meaningful historical achievement. If Germany is, however, serious about playing a progressive part in global politics, it needs to redefine its policies in the Middle East. by Peter Sawicki

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The Cultural Heritage of World War II: Memories for a Collective Identity

Special Feature - 08 May 2015

70 years ago today, the German Instrument of Surrender took effect, thus ending World War II in Europe. by Lisa Heinemann

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Germany’s Need for Grief – not for Sensational Reports

18 Mar - 14 Apr 2015

Germans mourn for Germanwings victims and for professional journalism ++ Refugee camp set on fire, but citizens and politicians stay strong ++ A sobering interim result for the minimum wage ++ Novelist and Nobel laureate Günter Grass dies aged 87. by Lisa Heinemann

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Germany and Greece having relationship problems

18 Feb - 17 Mar 2015

Tone gets sharper between Berlin and Athens while Varoufakis’ finger is causing agitation ++ Crisis in Ukraine leads to reviewing reform of the Bundeswehr ++ Terrorist threat in Bremen ++ The winner who does not want to win. by Sandra Czech

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