Terror in Paris Leaves Germany in Shock – How to Deal With Islamic Terrorism?

27 Oct - 23 Nov 2015

Terror in Paris – planned terror attack in Hannover ++ Refugees welcome! – But where should they stay? ++ Former Chancellor Schmidt dies – Germany loses elder statesman and political heavyweight by Eike Hortsch

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Formally United, Mentally Divided?! 25 Years of Unification of East and West Germany

Special Report - 10 Oct 2015

Immigration, xenophobia and economic disaster – Although Germany is one of the most powerful democratic countries worldwide, it has experienced all of these in its eventful past. As a nation celebrates 25 years of unification, these issues remain of great importance – especially as the influx of refugees grows. by Sandra Czech

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25 Years after Reunification – Ready to Leave the Nest?

Germany - Commentary - 03 Oct 2015

In the wake of reunification, the United States has gradually encouraged Germany to extend its ambitions in foreign affairs. But if the Federal Republic is serious about playing a fully grown-up part on the international stage, it’s time it became genuinely emancipated from its former protecting power. by Peter Sawicki

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No Summer’s Tale – Germany Coping with Violence against Refugees

05 Aug - 01 Sep 2015

Refugees welcome!? The start of a German debate on refugee policy ++ Kidnapping with lethal consequence – shocking murder of a seventeen year old girl. by Sandra Czech

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No-Vote in Greece, No Information on Espionage, No Cup for Women, No “TV total”

10 Jun - 07 Jul 2015

Confused and annoyed – the German perception of the Greek referendum ++ Hackers attack the German parliament – No information ++ NSA-Scandal – No information ++ Women’s World cup – No cup for Germany ++ The surprising and premature end of a great TV-career. by Eike Hortsch

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