Civil Courage Triumphs at Train Shootings

11 Aug - 07 Sep 2015

Gunman opens fire in international high-speed train ++ Challenges of immigration in Europe ++ Farmer’s protests ++ New right wing movement created. by Katinka Koke

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Popular Satire Show Banned from Free-to-Air TV

14 Jul - 10 Aug 2015

TV show ‘Les Guignols’: Are the buffoons being muzzled? ++ Hollande’s ideas for France and Europe flouted by opposition ++ Cattle breeders protest against low meat prices by Matthieu Choblet

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A Safe Way Back Home? – France Takes Measures to Protect Women

16 Jun - 13 Jul 2015

French government establishes measures against sexual harassment on public transport ++ Déjà-vu: French taxi drivers on strike against private competition once more ++ Greek debt crisis: French government aims to keep Greece inside the Eurozone. by Ina Berger

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Education Reform: How France Wants to Abolish Bilingualism

19 May - 15 Jun 2015

French protesting against Education Reform ++ Strauss-Kahn released following the Carlton affair trial ++ French border closed for immigrants ++ French Resistance heroes buried in Panthéon. by Katinka Koke

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Au Revoir Monsieur Le Pen – National Front Patriarch Loses Grip

20 Apr - 18 May 2015

Jean-Marie Le Pen loses power struggle against his daughter ++ A history of female suffrage ++ François Hollande visits Cuba. by Matthieu Choblet

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