'Taxi War' in Brussels: European Commissioner criticises Ban on Uber

06 Apr - 19 Apr 2014

Is Brussels Uber -proof? ++ Belgian EU commissioner under tax fraud accusations ++ Election fever over night flight in Brussels by Christophe Christiaens

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Second big State Visit in a Row: Obama leaves and Xi Jinping arrives

28 Mar - 05 Apr 2014

President of China Xi Jinping visits Belgium ++ Debate De Wever vs. Magnette ++ Student protests for proper education funds. by Laurens Soenen

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Obama in Brussels: A Kingdom under the rule of a President

09 Mar - 27 Mar 2014

Obamania hits Belgium ++ Extreme-right parliamentarians take part in observation of Crimean referendum ++ 30km/h speed limit on cyclists: a lack or a shortage of rules? by Daan Fonck

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What kind of Europe would Germans and Belgians like to see?

17 Mar 2014

Cosmopublic reporters on site: a report from the fourth German-Belgian Conference. by Catherine Grünewald

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Bye Bye, Ketchup – yet another Tragedy for the Belgian Industry

23 Feb - 08 Mar 2014

Heinz sauce production leaves Belgium – 200 jobs at stake ++ In the name of the father? Parliament passes free choice of a new born’s surname ++ General elections ahead: Who's promising what? by Christophe Christiaens

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