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01 Apr - 01 Apr 2015

Our Belgian editorial team is looking for new authors!
You like You have some journalistic experience or you are an adept writer? You have good English skills and you are interested in contributing? Please get in touch with us: by

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Belgian Federal Government gets off to Rocky Start

30 Sep - 21 Oct 2014

Unique Federal Coalition for Belgium... ++ ...but no time for games ++ Progressive voice in bishop synod. by Christophe Ponsard

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Success of “Red Devils” diverts Attention from slow Government Formations

13 Jun - 12 Jul 2014

Devil Mania – Belgian football team in the Top 8 ++ Regions in final stage of formation… ++ …Federal level lags behind. by Christophe Ponsard

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Election Campaign on hold to honour great Statesman Dehaene (1940-2014)

04 May - 17 May 2014

++ Cosmopublic special report on the decease of former Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene, “architect of the Belgian Federal State” and committed European politician ++ by Christophe Christiaens, Daan Fonck

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Flemish Nationalist turning the scale: Belgian general Elections ahead

20 Apr - 03 May 2014

Parties define their positions for upcoming elections ++ French speaking parties reject N-VA state reform proposal ++ Flemish parties try to stand out against N-VA. by Christophe Ponsard

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